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One-on-One Services

If you and your dog struggle with a specific skill/behavior problem, or if you prefer personalized lessons, our one-on-one lessons are perfect! Our certified trainers can tailor each lesson plan to your dog specifically.

Currently, we have two lesson packages available:

  • 2-month Package​​

    • Duration: 2 months​

    • Number of Sessions: 5 (including consult)

    • Inclusions: Virtual and in-person sessions, unlimited text/email support, video feedback

    • Best For: new puppies, basic obedience cues

  • 3-month Package:

    • Duration: 3 months​

    • Number of Sessions: 9 (including consult)

    • Inclusions: Virtual and in-person lessons, unlimited text/email support, video feedback

    • Best For: problem behaviors that require a little more time, practice, and support such as reactivity, resource guarding, etc.

Fill out Intake Form

To initiate the process of booking with us, please begin by completing our intake form, located here. This form serves as our foundation for gathering important details, enabling us to conduct any necessary research or brainstorming, with the aim of delivering assistance tailored to your specific needs.



Upon receiving your completed intake form, we will reach out to you via email to arrange a 90-minute consultation session, which will be conducted virtually through Zoom. During the consultation, we will introduce our training philosophy, listen to your specific challenges, and engage in a detailed discussion regarding your goals and expectations. Towards the end of the consult, we will discuss with you a concise outline of the training plan's progression and demonstrate fundamental exercises for you to practice before our next meeting. The consult fee for this session is $150.


Pick Your Program!

There's no rush to commit to a package right after your consult! We understand the importance of a thoughtful decision. However, we request that you inform us of your choice within two weeks. This timeframe ensures a seamless scheduling process and allows us to keep refining your individual training plan. Should you decide to proceed with a training plan, your consult fee will be applied to your package cost. We currently offer two package options: a 2-month program is available for $750 or a 3-month program to address more complex behaviors for $1350. Both of these packages are designed to provide support and guidance for you and your dog's training journey.

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Get in Touch

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! Contact us here!

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