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Puppy Prodigy Camp

Puppies demand a tremendous amount of attention and care, and finding the right balance between their exercise, training, and socialization needs while still managing your own work, errands, social life, and relaxation can be a daunting task. However, our Puppy Prodigy Camp offers a seamless solution to this challenge. In our safe and closely supervised environment, we cater to our puppy's requirements, allowing you the freedom to fulfill your own needs.

Enroll your puppy today! They should be under 20 weeks old when they start. Our curriculum adapts and grows alongside your furry companion, ensuring a tailored experience for every stage of their development.



At our Puppy Prodigy Camp, your young canine companion will delight in supervised play sessions with dogs of similar size and temperament. Our team of certified and experienced trainers closely oversee these interactions, ensuring your puppy's safety at all times. This approach provides the ideal opportunity for your puppy to acquire crucial social skills while remaining secure. We uphold a favorable dog-to-trainer ratio of 3:1, guaranteeing that every pup receives the attention and guidance they need to thrive.



The critical socialization window, which occurs between 8-16 weeks, significantly influences a dog's confidence and bravery as they mature into adults. It's a relatively short timeframe, but it's where the groundwork is laid for their future behavior. Our Puppy Prodigy Programs are designed to make the most of this crucial period. We expose your puppy to a variety of new experiences, including textures, sounds, objects, sights, and smells. By doing so, we help ensure that they become well-rounded and confident adults, setting them on the right course for a fulfilling and happy life.



We prioritize laying the foundation for essential life skills that both you and your puppy can benefit from. Our curriculum includes important lessons such as grooming techniques (brushing and nail trims), teaching them to settle on a mat and in a crate, and instilling good manners like waiting at doors. These skills are integral to shaping your puppy into a versatile "do anything, go anywhere" dog!


Enrich & Relax

A full day of play and training can be quite intense for our furry friends, which is why we believe in giving them well-deserved breaks. We've incorporated a special time for quiet relaxation into our schedule. During this break, all the puppies are sent to their beds with their lunch served in interactive food toys. These toys can include items like stuffed food toys, engaging puzzle toys, and snuffle mats, among others. This thoughtful break allows the puppies to decompress from the day's excitement while honing their skills in quiet crating.We firmly believe that a puppy who can settle peacefully in a crate is an invaluable gem, and we're here to help them achieve just that.



Golden retriever puppy laying down, looking at camera


Our puppy programs are thoughtfully designed to nurture your furry friend's development. Regardless of which program you choose, rest assured that your puppy will receive top-notch training, socialization, and support tailored to their age and needs. Each semester spans a 4-week duration.


Our most basic program, designed for puppies under 5 months, offers a dynamic combination of group play and mini group training session exclusively on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm. This is the perfect opportunity for young pups to socialize and learn in a controlled and engaging environment.

Admirable Achievers

This full-day puppy program offers a mix of group play, one-on-one training sessions with certified instructors, and mini group training sessions. While it does not include socialization field trips, it provides a structured environment for your pup to learn and interact with both peers and trainers, ensuring their development and well-rounded education.

Honor Roll

Our Honor Roll program strikes a balance between group play, one-on-one training sessions, and mini group training sessions. With two full days of activities and one socialization field trip, this program can jumpstart your puppy's learning.

Head of the Class

Our most comprehensive puppy program offers the perfect blend of group play, one-on-one personalized training sessions with a certified trainer, and mini group training sessions. With three full days of enriching activities and two exciting socialization field trips, it's truly the best way to support your puppy's growth and development.



Weekly Report Card

Lifetime Email/Text Support


At the end of every week, you'll receive a detailed report card via email, providing an insightful summary of your puppy's weekly experiences and the training exercises completed. Additionally, this report includes essential observations on behavior, as well as notes on appetite and bowel movements, ensuring that you're always informed and connected with your puppy's progress and well-being.

At MYP, we recognize that dogs undergo changes year by year, and occasionally new behaviors may arise as they mature. That's why we provide a lifelong resource of email and text support for our Honor Roll and Head of the Class puppies, ensuring you have guidance and assistance whenever it's needed.

Private Facebook Group

Our exclusive Facebook group is dedicated to our Puppy Camp Parents! Within this community, we share videos of individual training sessions, each neatly organized into your puppy's personal album. It's not just a place to connect with other puppy parents, but also to witness the collective growth and development of your adorable companions. Additionally, this is where we keep you informed about any new offerings or exciting developments on the horizon.

Free Mini Lessons

For our Honor Roll and Head of the Class puppies, we offer a valuable bonus of four free 15-minute mini lessons to use during each semester. These sessions prove exceptionally beneficial when you have inquiries regarding specific exercises in the curriculum or seek constructive feedback on your practice techniques.

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

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