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Training Packages

We have packages that cater to all types of behavior needs. Training Packages are available at a reduced rate and are highly recommended. As with most things, consistency is required to see results. Ideally, we would meet once a week when possible. The training packages offer an outline and a training plan. Your family and I will work as a team to achieve your desired result. 

Beginner Packages

In The Beginning:  Foundation Work is the first step to building clearer communication and strengthening our relationship with our dogs.

Every pup/dog/owner will learn at a different pace.  The behaviors in the packages below are what we will strive to teach during our time together. Some may need additional time to achieve them all. Additional sessions can be added as a single session booking after the basic package is complete.  If you want to work on behavior challenges, or an area that requires additional attention, we can do that too. 

Raise 'Em Right Puppy Package 
For Puppies under 6 months
(In-person sessions including training plans, handouts,
email and text support or video feedback as needed)

- Potty Training Tips and Planning
- Build your puppy’s love for the crate
- Sit
- Down
- Attention
- Nose Targeting Games


- Come when Called

- Stay
- Wait at the door
-  Introduction to Leash Walking
- Drop It
- Polite Greetings

Advanced Packages

Brilliant Canines Shaping Parlor Tricks
Must first complete our Manners Matter or Puppy Foundation Course
You will learn how to teach these yourself! Choose from the list 
of AKC Novice Trick Title options and
prepare to earn a Trick Title for your dog!

A tricks:

- Spin                        

- Weave thru legs
- Wave                       

- Close a Door        

- Give a Paw                    

- Crawl
- Retrieve                       

- Paws Up     

Single Sessions

$125 an hour for single sessions with no package

Note about Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is not covered in the basic training packages and will be taken on a case-by-case basis after a consult and intake form has been submitted. 

Behavior Modification is different from regular training.  Behavior Modification changes how a dog “feels” about something that is bothering them. This form of training takes a great deal of time and commitment. Positive associations in the correct order are critical for this process.  Any punishment or fear can exacerbate the problem and cause more aggression. Sometimes we may need to consult a veterinary behaviorist for an assessment to determine if medication is needed to accompany a comprehensive training program.  

Examples would be:
*   Resource Guarding against Humans: (growling/snapping/biting someone that approaches their food, toy, bed, etc.)
*   Resource Guarding from other Dogs (see above description)
*   Reactive on Leash when they see another dog (lunging, barking when on a walk)
*   Fearful of strangers (this can look like aggression or it can look like hiding or shying away)
*   Fearful of household objects or anything new in the environment
*   Separation Anxiety –  (Incessant barking or whining when left alone, destruction of doors or self-injury while trying to           escape, etc)

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